On its official website office Pari Match offers players many profitable promotions and bonus offers. To participate in some of them or increase the prize money, you need to enter a promotional code. Technically, the promotional code Parimatch is a special set of alphabetic and non-letter characters, as well as numbers, which must be entered into the marked field.

The article deals with how to find a working bonus code, in which promotions it will be required and how to properly meet all the requirements of the office to increase your potential gift.

Promo Code for the Parimatch in different game activities

The site of the betting office Paris Match has several sections, including Line, Live, Parimatch Casino. Each of them has its own promotions and unique promotional codes. However, if you have a promotional code that activates the promotion, for example at the Casino, you will not be able to use it in the sports betting section. The most popular promo codes are:

  1. Promocode Parimatch, which increases the value of each deposit of the game account by 25% more.
  2. There is a separate promotional code for poker games, which allows to choose your own option of bonus from 12 offered by the office. This can be done after you have finished creating account and deposited at least $10 to the Casino section. After that, you can open a room of interest to you and start the game with real users. Alternatively, you can compete in tournaments. Promocode Pari Match for poker in this section allows to choose a bonus based only on the needs and interests of the player. Free money has an impressive spread, from $1 to a hundred. And the main variant of the gift for betters who are confident in their game possibilities is an invitation to a windfall tournament. All bonuses have a unique algorithm of action, but the ways of wagering also differ. Therefore, we recommend that you first read them in the bonuses section on the official website of the office. Accrual of bonuses for promo code Parimatch depends on the amount of the gift and in some cases, the reward comes instantly, and in other cases, encouragement comes only after performing special game actions.
  3. A separate Parimatch promo code activates the High Roller Bonus. This is a bonus that a player can only use once. If you make a deposit to game account and activate this promotion code, the deposit will increase by 111%. The player decides how to enter the promo code in the Parimatch, it is not necessary to do it immediately after registration. But we recommend to find the best moment when you can deposit a nominal value high enough to get a good sum of the gift.

Live Casino has its own promotional code, which can activate one of the three shares in this section:

  1. Cashback – a player can get a 10% refund on lost bets that were made on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Lucky 777 – for each received combination of the three seven, the bettor will receive an additional $500 to the main account.
  3. Night BlackLack Mafia – a regular bonus for promo code for the Parimatch, which you can get at night every day if you play Blackjack. Every Night BlackLack Mafia card you get will bring you an extra $10.

Where to find the current Parimatch promo code in the world

Finding a promotional code will be very easy, because the office publishes them directly on its official website. But if for any reason you do not have the opportunity to search there, the promo code for the Parimatch casino can be found on request in any search engine. There are special sites that collect promotional codes that are relevant to different BM. In addition, the bonus code can be found in better communities on social networks, forums and blogs.

Be careful, each promotional code Parimatch for poker has its own validity period. But if you have found a code that is already inactive, it will not be difficult to find a actual one.

How to get and play the promotional code for the Pari Match in the welcome action
For users of the bookmaker’s website who are just planning to register their own game account, there is a special welcome bonus from the office. Thanks to it, you will receive 100% of the first deposit amount to the bonus account. Bonus money can be spent on bets to practice and explore all the features of the site, without risking to lose personal funds. But if you use the promotional code Parimatch, the bonus amount will increase by another 30% and in total you can get up to 130 dollars.

Only adult citizens can register on the site, as well as use Parimatch promotional code according to international law. In addition, re-registration and use of one-time bonuses is prohibited. BM Security Service blocks violators, and their accounts are blocked without the right to restore or re-register.

The whole registration procedure is that you will be offered to fill in a small registration form with personal data. There will also be a field in which you will need to enter the promo code Parimatch. In addition, you will be asked to choose the currency of the game account and write your own password to login.

The obligatory condition for activating the promotional code is to deposit a minimum of $10 to your account. Replenishment must be made by one payment, because only the first face value, which came to the deposit, will be taken into account for the bonus. If you used Parimatch promotional code, we recommend you to immediately deposit $100, because this way you will get the maximum bonus of $130.

To win back the promotional code bonus, its nominal value should be set at 10 times the rate with the odds from 1.5. After winning the money will be transferred to your main account, it can be withdrawn or used for new bets.

Welcome promo code for the Parimatch casino

We have already told you about the promotional codes that increase the welcome bonus for new customers. But besides the money bonus that can be spent on sports events, there is a separate welcome promo code. Using this code, you have a chance to get up to $500 to bonus account. The office credits this amount in several tranches, each of which depends on the player’s deposit:

  1. The first part of the promotional code bonus comes after the first deposit. The bonus will be 100% of its nominal value. But the maximum amount has a limit – no more than 100 dollars.
  2. The second tranche will come after the next deposit. Nominal bonus will be 50% of the amount you have deposited. There is also a limit – you can deposit no more than 150 dollars.
  3. For the third replenishment of the office will transfer you the last part of the bonus. It is as much as 125% of the deposit amount, but not more than $250.

The minimum amount that can be deposited under the promotion terms is $10. But to get the highest face value of the bonus of $500, we advise you to put on the account the amounts, the percentage of which will make it possible to credit the upper limit of the face value of each tranche. Bonus funds for promo code Parimatch can be spent on rates, there are no restrictions on activities in the Casino. Winnings will be credited to your main account and will be ready for withdrawal.Get free 144$ bonus

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