The activity of 1xBet betting company started in 2007 and almost from the very beginning showed a very high growth dynamics. At this rate the BC under the 1xBet brand from an average position within the market of online betting has grown quite rapidly to become a famous brand.

Moreover, the company organizes numerous promotions and offers bonuses for the first deposit, express bets and much more. Betting through various devices is in great demand among bettors, so the BC specialists have developed a program that can be installed on devices. It is enough to download 1xBet application and it is possible to start the game anywhere and anytime.

Download the 1xBet mobile version?

The main bookmaker’s website is often blocked, and looking for working mirrors, though is not very difficult, but wastes time. For players with experience and even for beginners, an excellent betting method is developed, namely, the mobile version. It is completely identical to the main resource and even better. It is very convenient to use, and you can play when and where you want, as long as there is at least even a low internet speed connection.

The lover of betting always tries to be in touch with sports events because he does not want to miss anything. Especially it would be a shame to miss out on an opportunity to raise impressive amounts of money. If in the past it was possible to do it exclusively via PC, now the bettors are given full freedom of action.

1xBet bookmaker company is trying to keep up with the times, so it tries to please all the bettors without exception. Therefore, the company has several ways to place bets:

  • The official website.
  • The mobile version.
  • App for Android or iPhone.

Talking about the mobile version, its main advantage is a maximum multitasking. It can be used both through a PC and other devices – mobile phone, tablet and so on. But it is especially suitable for those who have a device that does not support the application. There are cases when there is simply not enough free space for its download. Download 1xBet mobile version for betting is not required.

It is possible to switch in a couple of clicks on the official resource, at the bottom of the full page in the section “Useful” there is a simplified version. And if you log in from your phone, the system will automatically start the mobile version. To play in any case, you need to pass the procedure of creating an account or login, if you have already managed to register.

1xBet: download an application or use mobile version

Comparing the efficiency of the installed application with the mobile version, it is worth to give the victory to the first one. To begin it should be noted that not all smartphones have quite high performance, which will be enough to process data in the browser. After all, optimization is carried out for the computer, and owners of mobile phones may have technical difficulties. In addition, the information may be distorted or not at all be displayed.

The application is smartly optimized and there are no complications. As a gift it comes with a reduced consumption of Internet traffic. This fits perfectly into the frequent situations when the bettor finds himself in difficult or in problematic places for the Internet – forest, village, train and so on. That’s why it’s better to download 1xBet application, which obviously beats the mobile version.

Let’s consider a more detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

Talking about the mobile version, here are its advantages:

  • There is no need to download 1xBet.
  • Universal – functioning with all types of devices.
  • Suitable for those who don’t have enough space to download 1xBet.


  • Every time it is necessary to fill in the login and password fields.
  • Sometimes slow loading (updating) of pages.

The long process of downloading and updating can lead to lost time and the bettor will miss the bet.

The options of the mobile version may be limited by the browser capabilities and the slowness of loading pages. This method is suitable for players who occasionally bet or visit the website once a day. For regular bettors, it is recommended to do the 1xBet download of the application.

Let’s consider the advantages and weaknesses of the application.

The pros:

  • Saving keys (login + password) for authorization.
  • Operating speed.
  • Intuitive and intelligent arrangement of the function buttons.

The cons:

  • Requires 1xBet download.
  • Takes up space in the phone’s memory.

The second method described above, despite small cons, is very convenient and perfectly suited for most players. Especially it will fit in when it comes to casino 1xBet or live broadcasts that are optimized for the application.

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1xBet download on Android device from BC website

One of the most popular operating systems is Android. Indeed the majority of the smartphones in the world are running Android. An interesting fact is that it is possible to make 1xBet download on Android for free.

In order to download the program, it is necessary to visit the official portal of the BC. You should be careful and visit only the official website. Otherwise, if you make a mistake with the platform, your data can be used by fraudsters. Now, at the top left, find an icon with a phone and click on it.

You will then be taken to a web page where it is possible to download the application. There are two options available – for Android or iOS. We are interested in the first option, so click on the appropriate Android button. Next, you have the option to choose 2 methods to make 1xBet download on Android for free:

  • Download the mobile application on PC and then transfer it to smartphone via cable, cloud or other means.
  • Specify the mobile number to which the download link will be directly sent. Press on it and start downloading. Then follow the instructions for downloading. When all this will be done, you will need to enter personal data to access betting.
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1xBet download on iPhone (iOS) in a couple of clicks

The iPhone is a smartphone too, but it doesn’t run an Android operating system, it runs iOS. There are no significant differences from the previously described actions, but still some nuances are present. Let us consider this process in more details.

To download the application on iPhone, click the phone icon at the top left on the main portal and in the proposed sections select iOS. Then 2 methods will be available to choose from – download to PC or on the “Apple” smartphone via link.

If you prefer to download on a PC, you will then need to transfer the downloaded file to the phone via USB cable or on cloud. Then run the download file on phone and installation will start.

The second way is to specify the mobile number to which you will later receive an SMS with a link to download the application directly. After downloading, start the program and start betting on sports.Get free 144$ bonus

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